Monday, April 23, 2012

Lost and Burgie's Maps to BC and Back

I have most of the Google custom maps prepared, which are also accessible on my Google Android phone/GPS.  I have bookmarked more places than I can visit, to keep the trip flexible, since I will not be making reservations.  Surprisingly, most time spent in the research involved was not so much looking to see that the places were suitable, but  that the places even existed, and moving their pins to their correct location.

The links:

Kitchener to Winnipeg

View Kitchener to Winnipeg in a larger map

Manitoulin Island


Winnipeg to Saskatoon

North Battleford to Lloydminster

Lloydminster to Jasper

Kamloops to Vancouver

Washington State

Oregon & Idaho

Yellowstone and Area

Billings to Sault Ste. Marie

Suzuki/Kawasaki motorcycle dealers on the Canada route


  1. Oh, Kewl! A ride on the Chi-Cheemaun :-)

    Although I love the 'preferential treatment' motorcycle riders receive (first on, first off) it'd appear that the fares have been hiked up quite a bit ($18.50 plus adult fare!) since the last time I took my bike across :-(

    1. $18.50 + 16.25 adult fare is $34.75 each = $68.50 to take the Chi-Cheemaun.

      Our route to Vancouver Island, going through Powell River has three ferries on the way

      Horseshoe Bay-Langdale: $23.55/each motorcycle + driver $14 each

      Earl's Cove to Saltery Bay: $22.95 + driver $13.70

      Powell River to Comox $21.60 driver $13.65

      Total per motorcycle is $109.45 (x2 motorcycles) = $218.20 by the time we get to Victoria, BC.

      During our stay, Mary Ann wants to vist Saltspring Island (two more ferry trips, but we could probably use one bike)

      Unlike Manitoulin, there is no bridge to get off Vancouver Island, but we can return on one ferry, $34 x 2 = only $64, to Port Angeles USA.

  2. Yes, no 'B.C. Experience' would be complete without those ferry rides!