Monday, August 4, 2014


I first heard of Carbonear on the ferry, they were playing Newfoundland music, and one started

I met a girl from Carbonear who said she liked to dance, and if I knew just what to do then maybe I'd have a chance.

Since then I heard other songs about this girl. BTW Carbonear rhymes with over 30 one syllable words, may have contributed to her popularity.

Last night I was unable to post my blog from Heart's Content, it was the first  dead zone I came across  for my smartphone. Ironic, isn't it, that Heart's Content was the very first place  in the New World to receive electronic signals from Europe.

Here's another turnaround. Usually I'm sitting in Kitchener watching Newfoundland get pounded by bad weather on TV. Yesterday in the restaurant, the TV was on showing some unlucky place up to their hubcaps in rain. Yes, it was Kitchener.

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