Friday, August 8, 2014

Quality Inn, St John's

Because our ferry  leaves Monday, we found a nice hotel to hide from the rain for 3 nights. It's near downtown, has a 36" TV, and free parking underground. Mary Ann saved $20 per night by getting us a room without a view of the harbour. I said What am I going to look at all day. She said There's some chairs in the lobby where you can see the harbour for free. Or, you could stay in the room and look at me, but I'll have to charge you $20 a night.  Plus tax.

So we ended up watching The Big Bang Theory on TV, instead of arguing whether tax is applicable between the two of us.

Tomorrow we will visit the St John's Farmers Market. I already told her Newfoundland doesn't have any farmers but she wants to go anyway. She will quiz them about how they grow their produce, to screen out the fakes. That's how she caught the mushroom "farmer" at the Kitchener farmer's market, who said he grew the mushrooms in a greenhouse. It should be entertaining.

Picture: the guide at Cupid's archaeology site two days ago, carrying three umbrellas. Cupid's is the oldest English colony in North America.

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