Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Point Furthest East

Mary Ann had to drive Burgie to Cape Spear today because it's the furthest east point in North America. Now we go West again.

After Cape Spear we needed to go shopping in St John's, and it was still busy. We grabbed a Java at Grabba Java. The girl at the counter asked Mary Ann if she wanted butter on her scone, but Mary ann could not understand butter, because of her accent. I was curious because it did not sound Newfy-like. I asked Are you English?
Just Newfoundland then?
I was ready for another guess when she stopped me.
South African.
Then she asked Were you just going to go through all the accents until you got the right one? 

Pictures Me, Mary Ann, Gilles and Josee at Cape Spear. It's the third time we have met by chance. Also they saw us riding the scooter yesterday, but we didn't see them.

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