Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chi cheemaun the first day

Now its Thursday. Problems typing with the point of my mint chocolate chip icecream cone.

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  1. The trip is over now, I'm back home at my computer with a full keyboard. I can explain a bit better what was happening in the first few days. Our first night on the road was Thessalon, Ontario, the second night Nipigon, Ontario, the third, Atikokan, Ontario, and the fourth, Warroad Minnesota USA.

    I was having problems posting to this blog. First problem was lack of cell phone coverage in some areas. Second problem was with the small virtual keyboard of the Android Phone. It probably took me half an hour to type and post this short entry.

    Later in the trip, I got much faster at typing on the virtual keyboard as I learned shortcuts, and how to use the type ahead/spell check features more effectively. If you continue reading you can see the blog entries getting longer.