Friday, July 27, 2012

Valemount, B.C.

Picture: I am cooking supper. Mary Ann looks on, aghast. Rocky's Campground has free firewood, so I decided to teach Mary Ann how to make a full meal using only the stuff a biker would have: screwdriver, pliers, lighter, hatchet, and plastic spoons swiped from the Mt Robson Cafe. We went to the Petro Canada Super Stop across the street for a can of ravioli, a can of beef stew and two fruit cocktail cups.

In deference to Mary Ann's feminine sensibilities, I made a few changes to the routine, such as using only the clean and new tools from Burgie.


  1. That's real motorcycling!

    I would like to recommend 'Stag' chili, the classic flavor is a good place to start, or if your feeling adventurous go with the dynamite hot variety. The best part is that they have a pop top with a tab so no need for a can opener or hatchet to open them. I like to believe they are also nutritious :)


  2. Hey! That's real camping ... LOL!

    But not ravioli or beef stew ... beans! (They warm you twice ;-)