Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mike and Keri Go East

I found a blog written by Mike and Keri as they ride a scooter east across Canada, from Vancouver to Ontario, in 2008.  There are several noteworthy features of their trip.  They are both on the same scooter.  I mean one scooter, not the same type of scooter.  Next, this scooter is 49cc. Finally, they are also packing camping gear.  Not just a tent and sleeping stuff - cooking equipment and food as well.  And finally, to make sure they don't have it too easy, this trip takes place in September, not the middle of summer.

If you are interested, as I was, you might want to check it out at here:

You will see they did it in 11 days, while Lost and Burgie have set aside 15 days do do basically the same thing from east to west.  Obviously, we are not in a hurry.

I found it interesting to see how they had packed everything on the bike, what mechanical problems they had (if any). Looks like our trip could be a piece of cake by comparison, but we are not kids any more, so I could argue that we need more comfort.

Picture: Pulled over by the cops, Mike has his licence suspended, so Keri takes over the driving.  I guess a with a scooter under 50cc.  you don't need a special drivers licence.  Very useful.


  1. I was woundering what you could do on a 49cc scooter to get you license pulled. But it could be like here in Germany,if you get caught running a stoplight or stop sign, it will cost you your license for 30 days.

    1. I think his licence was under suspension from some previous offense, but was pulled over and checked because the cop thought he was driving erratically. Mike was driving slowly (of course), and occasionally driving onto the shoulder to let cars by. That is normal out west, but not in eastern Canada. Because the previous problem was discovered, Keri had to drive.

  2. You write, 'I guess a with a scooter under 50cc. you don't need a special drivers licence.'

    Not true. In fact, if it's plated as a motorcycle (and it must be if it can exceed 30 Kph) you need an 'M' rating to ride it in Ontario.
    (In B.C. a 'Class 6' is required.)