Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan

Picture: OK, it's not a flattering view, but with that monster truck beside the bikes, there was no way. Actually, even without the truck it would have been a challenge. A professional photographer would have moved the bikes, maybe to the very pretty village campground, and taken the shot with the hillside as background. With me, you have to use a little imagination.

This hotel is affiliated with Rednex of Goodsoil Sk. We are at Smokin  Lens, in paradise Hill. Ironically, they have a No Smoking policy,with a hefty $150 charge for non cooperation.


  1. The trucks just get bigger from here on west! When you get to Victoria i'll show you the biggest one i've seen. I spotted it a few weeks ago, there was a large dent in the from passenger side corner, doesn't look like its going anywhere soon :)

  2. We're still hiding out our 'technology free' zone in beautiful Bayfield, so have only been able to catch up with your adventures now that we're back in the smelly city again for a day or two.

    Looks like you're making excellent progress (except for such sillinesses like driving away from filling stations without replacing filler caps ... LOL!)

    All the best for the rest of the trip ... collect lots of bragging rights for the next board meeting!

  3. I found you the other day by googling... not to worry, it isn't contagious. And, I've been following you since reading your VN900 maintenance journal (I need to get a life!). I love reading about your adventure and from Florida I wish you safe travels and all the best. I'm saving all the worst, for someone special. Oh, I have never heard of a two legged chair, did you have to pay for it?