Saturday, July 12, 2014

Camping at Cap Chat

We didn't stop for sight seeing today, but the road was scenic enough. Rt 132 follows the coast. Just after Rimouski, we turned onto a beach road, and because it's Saturday, and sunny, the traffic was stop and go until we reached 132 again. Rt 132 is usually a 90 kph limit and we were doing 100, but still all the traffic was passing us. Good thing there were frequent passing zones.

Now we're camped on the beach at Camping au Bord de la Mer, which means by the sea, and we are right at the edge. We went into town by scooter for a meal at Valmont restaurant. We're camped next to a couple from Switzerland, driving a pickup camper conversion that they shipped from Europe to Argentina, then drove it up to Canada, so they can ship it back to Europe from Halifax next week. We're meeting a lot of interesting people.

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