Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lost and Burgie Go East

On Tuesday July 8, 2014, our trip will continue.  In 2012 Mary Ann and I went from Kitchener, Ontario to Victoria BC, and returned in 6 weeks.  This summer we are taking the same two bikes ("Lost", the Kawasaki Vulcan 900, and "Burgie", the Suzuki Burgman 400) from Kitchener to St. John's Newfoundland and back.

On the way we hope to visit the Gaspe peninsula, the  province of Prince Edward Island, the Magdalene Islands, and the island of Newfoundland.  This trip will be "Lost and Burgie Go West Part 2" or "This time it's East".  It is a good finish to the "Go West" trip, because in 2012 we turned back at Victoria, BC, and this time we turn back at St John's Newfoundland, the other end of the Trans Canada Highway..

What is the Trans Canada Highway?

The Trans Canada Highway, completed in 1971, is a confusing bit of road.   It is mostly numbered highway 1, but Quebec and Ontario give it other number designations.  There are branches off the Trans-Canada, and alternate routes that may or may not call themselves the Trans Canada Highway.  Looking at Wikipedia, I see a map showing a northern Trans-Canada through British Columbia that ends on the Queen Charlotte Islands (Which apparently now are named Haida Gwaiai)  I also see a loop that runs up to Baie Comeau (my home town) and back.  I have no idea why that loop was included, except to confuse people.  Or maybe one day they plan to extend that road to Newfoundland or Labrador.  Kitchener, Ontario is not on the Trans Canada.  And neither is Toronto, Canada's largest city.

Another surprising fact from Wikipedia is that the main Trans-Canada has Tesla charging stations along it's length, allowing an electric car like the Tesla to drive from Victoria to St John's.

On the subject of  Victoria and St. John's,  these two cities represent the original western and eastern ends of the Trans Canada Highway.  So even though we are not following the Trans Canada, and actually we are mostly trying to avoid it, they still make good end points for the trip.  Better than Kitchener, anyway.

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