Monday, July 28, 2014

Waiting for the Newfoundland Ferry

Arriving at North Sydney, we investigated the ferry situation, and found out there is no standby option. I guess that people arrive so early for their reserved booking, that they can fill up spaces in an earlier sailing.
Also, they didn't have any spaces available for the next three days.
So we went back to our motel room, checked the internet,  made a couple of calls to the help number, reviewed the calendar and decided on a new plan.  Our original plan was to go standby to the western side of Newfoundland (Port Aux Basques), drive across to the eastern end, and take the return ferry from there.
Instead of our original plan, we booked a return trip to the eastern side (Argentia), leaving Wednesday at 5:00 PM. Returning August 11. The ferry to Argentia had lots of room. It is a 15 hour voyage, and takes us to and from the East end of the island. If we still want to see the western part, it will mean doing a lot of driving.
Our new plan costs more, but we may avoid a lot of boring transcanada highway riding.
Pics: I have one of the ferry we're not taking, the "Highlanders". Instead, we will be on the "Atlantic Vision". Unlike the Magdalen island ferry, it does not have a movie theatre. (Update: It does have a movie theater - it's called a TV lounge, but it plays movies on a big screen just like the Magdalen Island ferry.)

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