Wednesday, July 9, 2014

End of Day Two: Sherbrooke

Our first day ended in Kingston Ontario. We had rain most of yesterday  afternoon and found a motel instead of camping. This  morning was sunny. We sat in comfy chairs on the lawn and ate cereal for breakfast. For the rest of today we travelled on surface roads (ie not freeways), due to popular request. As soon as we reached Quebec, we exited the freeway at Beaudette, then went through Valleyfield, Ormstown, Venise-en-Quebec, Waterloo, Magog, and here we are at the motel La Marquise between Sherbrooke and Lennoxville.

So we are in a motel again. We didn't get here until 8:30, and we are both too tired to set up a tent. Some of you may think we are wimping out (i.e. you, Marion W.)   According to popular demand, we don't need any excuses to get a motel. And I agree with her.

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