Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still Waiting

We are resting today after going into North Sydney for breakfast at Robena's. Like much of North Sydney, Ronena's is down to earth. All day breakfast, coffee included in every breakfast item. But you can substitute.  An early bird special is also available all day. I guess it's always early somewhere.

I really wanted to make a suggestion to the ferry company that they allow standby for motorcycles, but after Googling all their other problems, I will just withdraw my suggestion. They have so many other complaints. Example, cotton tablecloths in the restaurant cater to luxury tourists, not the good kind of tourists like us. And when crossings are cancelled due to bad weather, or ships running into buildings, the help lines and reservation lines get swamped .

I actually feel lucky that we could get through to the reservations area three times without going through a phone tree, or having to wait while being assured my call is important to them.

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