Monday, August 13, 2012

Coeur d'Alene

I walked around the part of town depicted in the picture, but the picture itself I grabbed from the internet for two reasons. Didn't have my camera, and didn't pay $60 for a scenic plane ride.

I am having problems pronouncing the name. There are logically 6 ways. Core/cur, + da/duh + lane/len. In French it would be cur-da-lane. According to tourist info it is core/duh/len. So I just can't get it right, since all three syllables sound wrong to me. Can't wait to get to Pierre, where there is really only one syllable to screw up.

Mary Ann thinks I should mention the scenery more in my blog. So the scenery was great all the way from Anacortes to Spokane, except for a little bit coming in to Monroe.

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  1. I suppose one has to go with the local pronunciation. But I've always thought of it as 'cur-da-lane'