Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Walking Around Vancouver

Pic: Me sitting at the Granville Island ferry stop, waiting for a connecting ferry to Science World. We didn't actually visit SW, it was just the closest stop  to main street and Chinatown. These tiny passenger ferries are a fun way to get to the other end of the downtown area, which I would say is from Main St to Stanley Park. Our hotel is the west corner, Chinatown is the opposite corner. I like this end of town much more. Palm trees, beaches, bike rentals, nice hotels for under 200 a night, outdoor cafes as far as the eye can see. The other end of town is still OK, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Tonight there are going to be fireworks from a barge anchored just near our hotel.  Our window faces the wrong way, but no matter. We will take our Alite 2 legged chairs outside and get some use out of them.

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