Thursday, August 23, 2012

Duluth, Minnesota

Last night just after Milnor ND, we stopped for the night just across the border in Minnesota, in Breckenridge. The motel was the least expensive so far; actually cheaper than our most expensive campsite. $45 for the Select Inn, $49 for the West Yellowstone KOA with no hookups. The inn also had free HBO and free continental breakfast, and obviously, walls, roof, floor.

Breckenridge happens to be the start of the Red River, where the Otter Tail and Bois de Sioux rivers come together to be the Red.

Today we crossed the state of Minnesota. This was maybe our first day with uninteresting scenery since we left home. Very flat, farms, trees, traffic; in many ways a lot like home. But still unfamiliar enough that I had to break out the GPS twice just to stay on highway 210. The scenery finally picks up again, as the road comes down the hill into Duluth. Actually, we had totally lost highway 210 by that time, and came in from the northwest.

Once in Duluth, I found a room at "The Edge" Waterpark Resort. I checked in just after a motorcycle gang, so it must be biker friendly. We have a balcony overlooking Lake Superior.

Picture: me, with Duluth in the background. Standing on the rocky shore of Lake Superior. Moon in top left.


  1. Duluth, eh? Next, beautiful Wisconsin?

    Hey! If you run into Paul Ryan on the way, say 'Hi!' from us 'socialists' up here in the Great White North ... LOL!

  2. P.S. ... we're calling a board meeting for next Thursday - and putting your tall tales on the agenda. So plan the remainder of your route accordingly ... LOL!