Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One More from Coeur d'Alene

Our room at La Quinta has high speed Wi-Fi, and a wall plug, so one more blog.

Maybe it's because we are travelling in unfamiliar places, but there is a feeling Mary Ann and I keep getting. This is how I explain it. You are in a luxury car showroom, the friendly salesman is explaining the features of this expensive new car, but while appreciating the features, you can't help noticing that half the rear bumper has been torn off and is lodged under the front wheels. That's what it feels like to us, seeing some of the northwestern USA. Very nice, for sure, but often something very strange that apparently only the two of us can see. We came up with this metaphor for the northwest two days ago, sitting outside at the Red Lion pub in Spokane, drinking a couple of beers and observing a new Suv parked nearby in exactly that condition.

We are finding Interstate 90 quite challenging with the speed limit for cars 70 mph. Of course many are going faster. Also, in these mountains, alternate routes are rare. So we decided to continue on I90 for a while until we get close to Yellowstone. Hopefully the traffic will thin out as we get into the mountain passes.

Picture: I snapped this on Sherman St, the main drag. It was the right car at the right place.

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