Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ready For the Return Trip

Tomorrow we will start on our trip home. Instead of going to Seattle and Portland as we originally planned, we will head for Yellowstone. So, we take the ferry to Anacortes, WA.,and will find our way from there.

My biggest surprise in Victoria was the motorcycle tour. I can't think of any other city that is as good to ride a motorcycle through, except maybe Freetown in the sixties. I think that gives Victoria my top spot as favourite city, beating my up-to-now favourite, Quebec City.

Pictures: Mary Ann and I hiding behind a painted pole in front of a painted Citroen. Mary Ann on the Anacortes ferry (our ninth ferry boat ride on this trip-the record was four in one day.)

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  1. Sigh ... love that 2CV. Never see them out here in the East any more :-(