Monday, August 20, 2012

T-Mobile SIM Card

Was it worth while getting the T-Mobile sim card for $50? I have not been able to get any use from it yet, although I might be able to call 911 in an emergency, but I think my Koodo card could have done that too. The first problem is speed. 2G speeds are ten times as slow as Koodos 3G. Also, coverage has often been missing. The result is that I have not yet been in a situation where I needed the internet, and actually waited for a successful download. Then, this morning, I tried calling home, thinking I might get some use out of the rest of my prepaid $50. But no, I was informed that my account did not have enough money to cover even one call to Canada.

But sometimes the Wifi is good, so I can use that. (But I dont need a plan for that) And I did make one local call so far, to see if a place was open.


  1. It's not clear how much of that $50 prepayment remained when you attempted that call home. All the same, it seems like, these days, nothing from the North American telecommunications industry is transparent ... LOL!

  2. I recently found out that t-Mobile has a similar plan with 3G network speeds. The default is 2G, but if you ask for 3G, it costs $3 per day instead of $2. Given the difference in speed, it's worth while for me. Still doesn't fix the coverage issue out west, but next time we may be crossing into the Eastern USA.