Monday, August 20, 2012

Dinosaurs Were Here

I was surprised to find out that Glendive is the location of the dinosaur/young earth creationist museum. And actually just a stone's throw from our room at the Day's Inn. (If I could open our window). But then didn't Jesus say something about throwing stones?

We extended our stay in Glendive to two nights, it is a nice room, and there are things to see here. The "Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum" is the "museum" run by Bible literalists, I need to refer to it as the GDFM, just to save typing, and to avoid having to put the word museum in quotes every time.  There are two other dinosaur museums, the Makoshika Dinosaur Museum, and the Makoshika State Park interpretive center.

We started this morning at the state park, because the heat would be a problem in the afternoon. The interpretive center is at the edge of the park, and a road goes into the park, so we went on my bike, as it is a difficult road, partly gravel, with 15% grades and switchbacks. But the scenery was worth the risk.

The Makoshika Dinosaur Museum was our next stop. It is a combination museum, music store, and comic book store. But the mix does not detract from the interest, any more than the Frisbee golf course detracted from the state park. It was begun ten years ago by the store owner's daughter, and with his help and enthusiasm, has become a worth while stop on the dinosaur trail. Many original fossils, and at Mary Ann's request, he took us to a back room, where he showed us a couple of real fossils he was working on. That means removing the" matrix", or surrounding material to expose the actual fossil.

The GDFM is closed today, so we will stop there on our way out of town. Can't miss that, because of its widespread press coverage.

Pictures: a few I took today.


  1. I thought Glendive was the only Young Earth Creationist Musuem, but recently found out that there are 16 in the USA and a few more in Canada. Alberta, naturally.

  2. Well, with 46% of Americans believing in creation 'science' that number is not surprising, is it?

    With about 50% of Canadians accepting evolution (and a further 20+% 'not sure') the market for creationist museums is not as lucrative as it is in the USA.

    Still ... many would consider this drift away from accepted science to a fantasist parallel universe in the USA a major sign of decline. If one rejects evolution, then one's attitude towards all other aspects of science are questionable, and the ability of the nation to prosper on such a weak scientific base comes into question.

  3. Many would consider this drift away from accepted Biblical truth to arrogant "theory" of evolution is a major sign of the decline of the West. If society rejects God and the Bible and accepts the latest published theory, it gives the media full power to enslave.

  4. Putting 'theory' in scare quotes simply reflects your ignorance of how the scientific method works. In science, the term, 'theory,' has a very specific meaning, one which is not the same as its usage in common (i.e. your) parlance ...

    In any event your contention about giving 'media the power to enslave' is sheer nonsense, scarcely worth dignifying with a response.

    In any event, by using computer and internet technology to post your superstitious comments, you do realize that you are being hypocritical ... cherry-picking those parts of science which you like and rejecting the rest (such as the well-substantiated process of evolution).